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5 Myths About Call Centers In Connecticut

Call Center OperatorMany people often associate call centers with large companies like cable television providers; however, call center services can benefit businesses in a variety of different industries, from plumbing to marketing. Actually, many industries have begun to embrace call centers. Answering services are an important business asset and are increasingly the main point of contact between companies and their customers.There have been certain stigmas against call centers in the past, creating numerous myths about modern call centers.

Here are five myths about call centers in Connecticut, and the facts that debunk them.

Poor Customer Service

We need to cover this myth right off the bat: a live answering service does equate to poor customer service. Around The Clock’s professional team is fully trained to operate as a natural extension of your company. We tend to over-staff our call center to ensure your calls are answered immediately and with minimal hold time. With our answering service, your customers will never reach voice mail or that after hours recording again!

It’s Too Generic

We have heard this myth often – some companies worry that an answering service is too generic to suit their particular call needs. We can assure you: this is simply not true!

Professional answering services are able to work to meet your unique business needs, creating custom solutions that fit with exactly what you require. From custom scripts to message delivery, an answering service is able to handle even the most complicated calling situations.

Call Centers Only Benefit Large Businesses

In the past, answering services ct were only practical for larger businesses, since they required such a big capital investment. Smaller businesses either had to outsource call center operations or manage without them.

Modern call center systems have come a long way. Now you only need the headsets or handsets your agents will use, and some providers figure these costs into your monthly service fee, for even lower up-front investment.

Answering Services Can’t Help My Business

Professional calling centers are used for a wide variety of different occasions, including call overflow, simple order taking, disaster recovery, and lead capturing. If you are overwhelmed with business and are missing incoming calls, or would simply like to capture leads from a recent marketing campaign, Around The Clock has a solution for you!

It Takes Too Much Time To Train The Team.

On the contrary, call centers in Connecticut come to the table ready to work with your business.  We have all the skills and expertise necessary to efficiently engage with customers and help move them through your sales funnel. When you hire a CT answering services company, all you need to do is create specific scripts and messaging for the company to use.

Final Thoughts

While there are numerous myths concerning the efficacy of call centers– the fact is that hiring a professional call center to handle your incoming calls can be of great benefit to your company, providing superior service at affordable rates.

Around The Clock services are customized to satisfy the unique needs and requirements of your business. Your answering service acts as an extension of your business to your client base. If you are falling short with customer service, what are you waiting for? Call us today at (860)529-6881 or 1-800-400-5483. Also, you can contact us through email by filling out the form here.

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