If you find yourself unable to answer all of your calls, your business needs a telemessaging provider. That’s when Around the Clock is available to provide you affordable telephone answering services with all the backup support you need, 24/7.  After hours, holidays and weekends, even lunch breaks…if it’s important to you, it’s a priority of ours.

Inbound Calls & Dispatch Services Made Easy… and Professional

More than anything, we are an extension of your own company’s staff and services.  Which is to say, when we take a call on your behalf, you can be sure of:

  • Absolute professionalism
  • Following your protocol
  • Following a message template that we pre-develop for your approval and practice before we take your first call
  • Providing and capturing all necessary information

We can also arrange to have your calls captured by our own voice mail system all or part of the time.  We can set up your voice mail with all the options you require, including a “push Zero” option to connect with an operator.

Telephone Message Delivery Options

Here again you have options to best suit your needs, schedule, and more:

  • Send text messages to cell phones, tablets and pagers
  • Send encrypted text messages meeting HIPAA compliance requirements
  • E-mail messages immediately or on a pre-scheduled basis
  • E-mail voice messages as wave files so you can play them on your computer
  • Fax messages…from routine messages to all dispatches from the previous day
  • Hold messages for pickup from voicemail or live operator
  • You can pick up your messages, any time, via our automated check-in line
  • Best of all, we can provide any combination of the above, based on your needs and preferences

Further, all calls are recorded for quality assurance … on your end and ours.

Always the Right Person for the Job.

At Around the Clock, we don’t assign the next person or people available to handle your calls and dispatching.  We assign and train the people with the right skill set and experience to represent you as you expect and deserve.

Plus, we have an escalation system in place so that, as needed, the next most senior person is brought in to handle all calls, all the way up to the company owners.

We provide a pleasant and supportive working environment, one that encourages and rewards excellence.  As such, most of our managers and operators have been with us for a good long time, some more than 20 years.  When you get right down to it, loyalty to us means loyalty to you.

Night and day, 24/7, our phones are being answered in our own state of the art offices, with managers and supervisors on hand at all times to make sure everything runs exactly as it should.

For more information or to request a quote on how we can best serve you, we invite you to call or email us today.

Phone: 860-529-6881
Toll Free: 800-400-5483

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