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What Services Should Every Call Center Provide?

1. Encrypted Text Messaging

For many businesses, security is of the utmost importance. The introduction of third party services can complicate things, as more people have potential access to your sensitive information. With encrypted text messaging, a business can enjoy the convenience of text-based communication without the risk of exposed information.

2. VoIP

Our Voice Over Internet Protocol software ensures fast a reliable communication over a stable broadband network. Standard landlines can be pricey, especially for corporate customers. VoIP services allow companies to increase their avenues of communication without breaking the bank. For call centers, this technology has become an industry standard.

3. Insurance

Even with a full suite of services and technologies, a call center becomes useless without adequate power. Without backup power, the bridge between you and your clients can be crippled in a moment. At Around the Clock, we use a natural gas backup generator, a secondary server, and an automated transfer switch, ensuring a speedy and reliable connection for your customers 24/7.

4. Flexibility

We understand that each business has its own specific set of needs when communicating with clients. Around the Clock is able to tailor its answering services to the needs of its clients, allowing each business to offer a customized, personalized communication experience for its customers.

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