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How Can My Medical Receptionist Better Handle Sporadic Call Volume?

This is a dilemma that every office faces today.  Call volumes differ daily, typically medical offices are busiest on Mondays and following holidays.  Call volumes also fluctuate throughout the year depending upon the season and the specialty of the practice.  A pediatric office almost always receives more after hours calls than a podiatry practice for instance.  The goal of every front office is to figure out the best way to handle the sporadic call volume, thus maintaining the best patient care without breaking the bank.


I have visited some medical offices and witnessed firsthand, the front desk busying out the lines so they can catch their breath.  That is not the best solution for maintaining good patient care.  Sometimes a busy office will have more than one person at the front desk juggling calls.  This method works well when the call volume is consistent but when the call volume dips and requires only one receptionist, more money is being ear marked for the front desk to take incoming calls than is necessary.

An internal voice mail can help streamline and deflect calls to where they need to go but not every office has a state-of-the-art phone system.  What does one do then?

Virtually every local dial tone provider offers call forwarding features that can re-direct calls that would otherwise over-ring or even worse, receive a busy signal.

Those two features are known respectively as Call Forwarding Don’t Answer and Call Forwarding Busy.  These features are most likely already included in your bundle of telephone features and only have to be engaged.  Call Forwarding Don’t Answer and Call Forwarding Busy are permanent call forwarding features; in other words they do not need to be activated or deactivated on a daily basis after the initial programming.

How does Call Forwarding No Answer work?  Based upon your desired pre-determined ring cycle, your office will have a certain number of rings and seconds to answer a call before the call is re-routed to Around the Clock for Live Answering by one of our friendly operators, or for Voicemail options and message dispatching back to the appropriate recipients at your office.  Call Forwarding No Answer can be installed on any or all of your lines.

How does Call Forward Busy work?  If all the phone lines at your office are full at a given time, the last caller will receive a busy signal.  As many business owners and practice managers know today, a busy signal can lead to loss of potential clients or patients.  Call Forward Busy prevents that from happening by re-routing the call to a pre-determined number and by-passing the busy signal.  This feature should be programmed on the last line of your hunt group.

With these two features in place you can feel confident that your calls will never over-ring nor will your callers hear a busy signal.  When you rely on Around The Clock, you can expect to receive the guidance and support to fully understand the features and benefits of all our available services.  Whether the calls are re-routed to one of our operators to be live answered or to our full-featured voice mail system, outsourcing in this manner will enhance the quality of patient care you can provide while reducing payroll costs.

To learn more about these features and how you can benefit, contact us at 800-400-LIVE or e-mail us at info@aroundtheclock.com.

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