Once upon a time, new businesses struggled to get clients, retain them and satisfy them. Not any longer though. Below is 5 Interesting Phone Answering Statistics to give you the edge on your competitors.

Today, we have business phone answering services that have helped small businesses do more, time and time again. So what are the amazing benefits of a phone answering service? Why are businesses increasingly relying on it to solve their logistical and organizational needs?

A look at the phone answering services world

There is a reason why phone answering services are gaining immense popularity in recent times and these 5 interesting statistics will help you understand in detail why it is so. You should know these statistics if you are planning to subscribe to these statistics soon.

  • No more hanging up!

Statistics reveal that 72 percent of callers who call a company or business house hang up the call instead of leaving a message if their call gets transferred to a voice mail system instead of a human voice answering the phone. Most callers wish to speak to a live person be it someone from the office or a friendly and professional operator from a phone answering service.

  • Are you not qualified?

98 percent of callers state that they get a bad impression of the company if a non- qualified and ill-informed operator picks up the phone who does not know exactly what to do or so.

  • It’s always good to be personal

80 percent of the callers prefer to hear a voice as compared to receiving a mail or email and think it to be one of the best forms of communication. It gives a personal touch to your company, making the caller feel that he is special and unique.

  • Nobody likes unpleasant experiences

71 percent callers revealed that due to a bad customer service experience they had ended their business relation with that particular company. If a customer is not attended to properly or does not get all the required attention and information on time, he is bound to get angry. A phone answering service ensures all this and much more without fail.

  • Offer your customers what they need

69 percent callers stated that if their call was not attended to properly or they were not given the information they asked for, they stopped calling that company altogether and started looking for alternatives. A phone answering service always has the right answers and information ready at hand so that the customer never feels disappointed after the conversation is over.

Of course, there are a number of other advantages too to having a phone answering service. As a business, look for an affordable phone answering service but do not compromise on the quality.