The Coronavirus is spreading rapidly through the country. Large gatherings have been banned in many states, thousands of colleges are switching to online only, major league sports are being suspended, the stock market is crashing, and there could be more to come. Here at around the clock, we will be staying open and answering calls throughout the chaos. We are here to help answer calls during this hectic time. For those of you who are already clients of ours, don’t expect any changes in our call quality and our great customer service as nothing needs to be drastically changed. For perspective customers and those who may be in need of a telephone answering service throughout the Coronavirus issues, contact us and we will be happy to give you more information. If you just need our service during the time of the virus, we can manage that, and if you want to continue with us after the smoke clears, we will be more than happy to keep you on. 24/7, rain or shine, coronavirus or not, we are open and we put a smile on every call!

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