Statistics on Phone Answering Services That You Need to Know

For many small businesses, the important need of the hour is to minimize costs, bring in more productivity and let operations yield better results.

Considering that phone answering services can cost a lot at times, most entrepreneurs and businessmen would definitely wonder what a phone answering service can possibly do to help in their business. For one, do they really need a phone answering service? The answer, at least according to statistics, seems to be a profound ‘yes’. Over the past two decades, answering services have made a huge impact on many enterprises and helped them flourish like never before. The customers are extremely happy to call a toll free number and have a solution to their problems.

Here are certain statistics that you need to know about phone answering services.

Around 72 to 80 percent callers hang up when the call isn’t picked up the first time!!

For all those who think that voicemail is a better option, this statistical value is an eye opener for them!! If statistics are to be believed, as high as 72 to 80 percent callers hang up and never leave a message as soon as they hear the voicemail. The same happens if the call is diverted to another number. Today people are so busy that they actually want their problems to be solved as soon as possible and messaging a voicemail definitely does not help. People these days want to talk to someone live and help them with their problems or at least direct them to someone who can.

Poor phone skills leave a bad impression

Well yes “first impression is the last impression”. And statistics do prove that. An excruciatingly high no of people have reported that poor phone skills do leave a bad impression. And this number is as high as 98 percent!! So here is an answer for all those who think that it really does not matter who answers their phone calls. The fact of the matter is that it does.

More than 80 percent of the business communications are over the phone.

Surprising it may seem to be, but it is true. Although emails are great but still people do prefer listening to a voice and talking live to communicate. And if a good phone answering service is your leading voice, it cannot get better than this.

Poor phone answering communications leads to ending of the business relationship.

Yes it is true. Almost 71 percent of the customers do end their business relationship because they think that the communications over the phone are not impressive. So choose your phone answering service wisely.


-Davis Walker

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