Why Your Small Business Still Needs a Telephone-Answering Service

With modern-day technology, people expect quick responses to their emails and phone calls. This means that small businesses, all too often, are forced to rely on themselves to answer each and every call, in addition to everything else they need to do to keep their businesses operating smoothly.

This puts stress on small-business owners and employees, as they feel like they are on the job 24-seven with no balance of work and life.

Since our cellphones typically travel home with us at the end of the day and on weekends, life tends to revolve around work and work becomes small-business owners’ lives.

One technology that is extremely beneficial to small businesses—that they too often do not use to its full potential—is the professional telephone-answering service. These services reduce stress during off hours, vacations and holidays. The main job of professional telephone answering services is to screen calls and forward messages as needed, so you can make the decision if you have to respond right now or if you want to prepare for the return call.

Another benefit of this service is that they handle excess traffic even when you are in the office, this way you never feel overwhelmed with calls. Professional answering services provide out-of-office receptionists that are easy on your payroll account but are hardworking and full of benefits for your company. Using this type of service puts you in control of your time as a small business and provides a higher quality of life—not only for your company, but for your customers as well.

RICHARD DUNCAN (Wall Street Journal)

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